Sapna Oswal started her journey as a professional dancer.  Have learned Bharatnatyam, jazz, hip hop, salsa, belly dancing, and freestyle. Then did a few shoots and ads. Later on,  was a teacher at a primary school and had a boutique run by her. Then further she taught English at one of the firms. As a person, the best thing that defines her is confidence! She calls ​herself confidence personified.  This attribute sails her through every situation. She believes Honesty is the key to being a  good human,  don't dupe people to get your work done. She is also a perfectionist, a go-getter, and has a never-ever-give-up attitude.  She is keen on adventurous sports and have a unique love for reptiles. Her motto in life is nothing is impossible; this thinking solves 70 percent of my problems.  She has done many  commercials ads and Photoshoots for